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Civil Courthouse
201 Caroline
Houston, TX 77002
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Harris County District Clerk
P.O. Box 4651
Houston, Texas 77210

Public Reports

The Harris County District Clerk's office will be conducting system maintenance on Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. During this time, this web-site will be unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Date Report
Bond Forfeiture JIMS eReports
2017-02-03Active Bonds in Harris County (JIMS-894).pdf Download
2018-04-02Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-03Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-04Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-05Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-06Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-09Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-10Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-11Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-12Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-13Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-15Index of Pending BF Cases-CCCL (JIMS-838).pdf Download
2018-04-15Index of Pending BF Cases-District Courts (JIMS-836).pdf Download
2018-04-16Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-17Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-18Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-19Bondsman Security and Liability Detail - Final Detail Listing (JIMS-816B).pdf Download
2018-04-19Bondsman Security and Liability Detail - Summary Report (JIMS-816A).pdf Download
2018-04-19Merged Bondsman Cases (JIMS-062).pdf Download
2018-04-19Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
2018-04-20Scire Facias Docket.pdf Download
(2017-04-12)Thumbs.db Download
Criminal Customer Service JIMS eReports
2018-04-19Alpha Index of Defense Attorney Settings(138).pdf Download
2018-04-19Felony Pending Cases - Alpha by Attorney (JIMS-221).pdf Download
2018-04-19Felony Pending Cases - Alpha by Defendant - All Cases (JIMS-209).pdf Download
2018-04-19Felony Pending Cases - Numerical by Case (JIMS-203).pdf Download
2018-04-19Misdemeanor Docket - Alpha by Defendant (JIMS-009).pdf Download
2018-04-20Felony Master Docket - by Court (JIMS-238).pdf Download
2018-04-20Misd Daily Filings (JIMS-127).pdf Download
2018-04-13Felony Pending Cases- Alpha by Defendant - Jail Cases (JIMS-206).pdf Download
(2017-04-12)Thumbs.db Download
OCA Monthly Report
(2017-04-28)OCA_Appointment_Fees.pdf Download
(2017-04-12)Thumbs.db Download

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