Jury service cancelled through June 30

The Board of District Judges has extended the suspension of jury service in Harris County’s district courts and county courts through June 30 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have received a summons to a Justice of the Peace Court you will need to contact the court to see if your service is still required. Contact information for all the Justice of the Peace Courts can be found at http://jp.hctx.net/.

If you have a summons for after May 31, click here and scroll down to Jury Service to sign up for notifications. Enter your HC Number or Texas Driver’s License and your last name to receive notices of any additional cancellations.


Jury Service

Juror services for both Harris County and Justice of the Peace Courts

* HC Number or TDL Number:

Juror Last Name:


Rescheduling Service

We have listened to your ideas and suggestions and now, you can reschedule your jury service online or through our automated phone system immediately upon receiving your summons. To reset, disqualify or exempt yourself from jury service, first enter your 8-digit HC number or Texas Drivers License Number (TDL) and last name in the appropriate textbox below. (Your 8-digit HC number can be found at the top-left section of your Jury Summons Form, next to the bar code). Once you have entered your information into the textboxes, click the Search button and follow the instructions provided after your summons information has been retrieved from our system.

Jury Room and Parking locations

The Harris County Jury Room located at 1001 Preston, Basement Houston, TX 77002
The New Harris County Jury Plaza
Parking garage located at 1401 Congress Houston, TX 77002
Harris County Parking Garage

Click here for alternative parking locations to 1401 Congress. MAP

The local courts and Jury Assembly Room staff will never call you or email you and ask for Social Security numbers, credit card numbers or other sensitive information, nor will we call and demand payment over the phone of a fine for failure to appear, including the placing of any amount of money on a green dot card to pay any fine.

We now have Free Public Wireless Internet available while you wait through the jury selection process. Please note there are limited power outlets available for use at this time. Please ensure your electronic devices are fully charged before reporting for Jury Service.

It is advisable to eat breakfast as we do not know when or if the court will break for lunch.

You may reprint a lost Jury Summons by entering your Texas Driver’s License Number. However, your TDL number may not be on file with us; therefore the best search criterion will always be your HC number.

If not, you can print a blank summons to help expedite your check-in process. Note: you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print this file.

Beware of Jury Service Phone or Email Scam

Learn how to shield yourself from jury scams.

Identity thieves have contacted Harris County residents and threatened them for failing to report for jury service. The thieves are seeking confidential information. The local courts and Jury Assembly Room staff will NEVER call you or e-mail you and ask for Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers or other sensitive information. Do not give out such information to anyone claiming to be with the judicial system who calls or e-mails you.

If a person did give out his/her Social Security Number, the DA’s office recommends calling the Social Security Fraud Hotline at 1-800-269-0271 and all three credit bureaus.