Document Search Hints

Lookup by Case Number

The case numbers in our database may contain both alpha and numeric characters. They do not contain special characters, i.e., dashes, slashes or spaces. If you enter special characters on the query, an error message will be displayed. You need to enter a four digit year for the case numbers.

Lookup by Name (Plaintiff, Defendant, Attorney)

If the option “Starts With” is chosen the system is designed to perform a search for all entries that start with the entered text. If the option “contains” is chosen the system is designed to perform a character for character match based on your entry and return all possible matches. This is the slowest method to search. Also, methodology allows for partial names searches to be performed when needed to produce the desired results. Query may be initiated using plaintiff and defendant name individually or simultaneously as a set. Although the system will allow both the plaintiff and defendant name to be searched simultaneously, this may not achieve the best results for you. Therefore, entering the names as a set is not the recommended search method. Only on Criminal Cases, you can search by Attorney Name.

In general, the more information you enter, the more accurate the match. Examples:

If you enter the word "king" for plaintiff name and click OK, you will receive all matches with these 4 characters anywhere in the name, including but not limited to -

King, Stephen Anthony
King-Little Inc
King Family Interests Ltd
Kingvision Pay-Per-View Corp Ltd

To narrow your search when querying using person names, always enter person names as last name, space and first name, i.e., King, Stephen. You must enter a space between the comma and first name. If you omit the space between the comma and the first name, you will not receive a match on the name entered.

Additionally, the fields for entry of plaintiff and defendant name are limited to 34 characters each. For example, the plaintiff name “Kingwood Place West Community Association” exceeds this limit. Since the system performs a character for character name match, it will search on “Kingwood Place West Community Asso” and list all potential matches for your review.