May 16, 2022 [Z2B]
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Wage Withholding

Wage withholding is a process in which monies are withheld from the non-custodial parentā€™s wages. When filing a request for issuance of an order or judicial writ of withholding, the clerk shall send a copy of the order or writ to the non-custodial parentā€™s current employer.

Issuance of Notice

To ensure the request is sent to the non-custodial parent's employer, complete the Request for Notice to Employer form. Documents submitted by an attorney will be filed electronically. Individuals not represented by an attorney should return the form using one of the following methods:

Marilyn Burgess, Harris County District Clerk
ATTN: Notice to Employer
P.O. Box 4651
Houston, TX 77210

Notice to Employer Fee

The fee to submit a Request For Notice to Employer is $15.00. Payment Options for those not represented by an attorney are available here

Termination of Wage Witholding

If an order for Termination of Wage Withholding is required and has not been filed, one of the following may be able to provide assistance: