May 29, 2024 [Z1A]
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Family Intake

According to The Supreme Court of Texas, an order was signed adopting Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 21c and Amendments to Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 4, 21, 21a, and502.1, Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure 6 and 9, and the Supreme court Order Directing the Form of the Appellate Record in Civil Cases to be effective January 1,2014 for Harris County. This order mandates electronic filing in all Civil Courts and restricts us from accepting paper filing from any filer other than Pro Se filers. Please, click on the following link to learn more about electronic filing We will also be unable to accept any other type of electronic filing other than through which include any type of Fax Filing.

In-Coming Transfers

In-coming transfers happens when another county transfers a case (cause) to the Harris County court system. An order is signed transferring the case (cause) to Harris County. The process generally takes a month for the transfer to complete. Once our office receives the out-of-county transfer electronically when from a county that has electronic capabilities or by paper for those who do not:

  • A $45 fee is due to our office for the filing.
  • Notification will be mailed to the attorneys and/or filing parties for the incurred fees.
  • After payment, the case (cause) will be assigned a case (cause) number and a family court.

We Cannot Offer Legal Information

The District Clerk’s Office cannot dispense legal advice or carry forms to file a case (cause) in the Family District Courts. However, there are different options and alternatives you can use to seek legal advice.

Online Forms

Family forms are available on our Forms page.