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Temporary Court Locations

Criminal Courts at Law Locations and Docket Times

Locations for District Courts  - Effective October 30th, 2017 Click on the Court# to view Docket

Effective October 30th, 2017 there is a change to the daily Bond and Jail Docket schedules. Please Click Here for the new schedules.

Docket Schedules and Court Dates

Dockets for people in jail charged with a Class A or B misdemeanor or a felony will continue to be held in the jail at 49 San Jacinto but will soon move to 1307 Baker Street for male defendants and 1200 Baker Street for female defendants. Contact the District Clerk’s Office or go online for docket information (832-927-5800; www.hcdistrictclerk.com).

Dockets for people on bond charged with a misdemeanor or felony will resume Sept. 11th at the locations listed above. Specific locations – court numbers and floors – will be posted as soon as possible on the following websites or social media outlets: (1) attyportal.harriscountytx.gov, (2) www.justex.net, (3) www.ccl.hctx.net/criminal, (4) The Harris County District Courts Facebook Page and (5) The Harris County Criminal District Courts Facebook Page.

Defendants who cannot appear for a scheduled court date due to hurricane-related issues should contact the court where their case is pending, their attorney and, if applicable, Harris County Pretrial Services and their bonding company. The courts will address such circumstances on a case-by-case basis.


Courts will not forfeit bonds based on a person’s failure to appear for a court date from Aug. 28th through Sept. 8th. For information about bond conditions, contact your attorney or Harris County Pretrial Services (713-755-8700 or 713-274-0920; www.pretrial.harriscountytx.gov). Your private bonding company may also have information concerning surety bond conditions.


Jury trials will be rescheduled as soon as the District Clerk can secure an appropriate venue to assemble jurors and courts can properly notice parties. Jury trials in criminal bond, juvenile and family cases will resume as soon as possible after Oct. 1st. Jury trials in civil and probate cases have been postponed until after Nov. 1st.

Criminal trials for defendants in custody and juvenile trials for detained respondents will immediately resume when the clerk can provide jurors and attorneys are properly noticed.

Temporary Criminal Court Locations

Criminal Courts at Law Locations and Docket Times

Locations for District Courts

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