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280th District Court Moved To Juvenile Courthouse

Members of the Houston Area Bar: please be advised that the transition of the 280th District Court from the 15th floor of the Civil Courthouse at 201 Caroline to the 1st floor of the Juvenile Courthouse at 1200 Congress is now complete and that Judge Bradshaw-Hull is now conducting business in that new location. The former space located on the 15th floor at 201 Caroline will now be refitted to prepare for the 507th Judicial District Court to begin operations there beginning on January 1, 2016. It is my Expectation that the 507th will begin operations at the beginning of 2016 after either appointment of the presiding judge by the Governer's Office before the end of the year or possibly with a visiting judge to bridge any gap between the beginning of the year and said appointment. More to follow on that issue. Additionally, please be advised that all of the family district courts now have their Ad Litem Wheel Lists posted on their respective websites at www.justex.net for your review. The county has established new software to allow each of the judges to effectively make appointments from these Ad Litem Wheels commensurate with the new statutory requirements and that has already begun based upon the posted lists. With the exception of the 308th, 246th, 311th and 309th (for these courts please contact the court directly) Judicial District Courts your point of contact for application to the Ad Litem Wheel is Ms. Melissa Love at Melissa_Love@justex.net.

Family Courts

Family Courts decide on matters and render judgments relating to families and children. Some of the different case (cause) types heard in family courts include divorce, child custody, child support, visitation rights, protective orders and the emancipation of minors.

Juvenile Courts

Juvenile Courts decide on matters involving adolescents who have not attained the age of majority. Some of the different case (cause) types handled by the juvenile courts include criminal misconduct, juvenile delinquency and issues of neglect.

Customer Service

Customer Service provides assistance related to criminal, civil and family cases (causes). This section is responsible for receiving and processing incoming customer requests including purchasing copies and reports and filing documents in existing cases (causes).


Family Intake accepts pleadings, filings and documents on family-related matters filed in the Harris County District Courts. This section also produces the service documents as requested on family cases (causes) and accepts out-of-county family transfers for filings in Harris County.

Post Trial

Civil/Family Post Trial prepares the clerk’s record for Civil and Family appellate cases, processes abstracts and executions, cost statements, expunctions, outgoing transfer of venue cases (causes), and approves supersedeas bonds.

Child Support

Harris County Child Support is a registry responsible for receipting child support payments made through our office. Our caseload is composed of all Harris County cases (causes) heard in the Family Courts that establish paternity and order child support payments through the Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit. We are here to assist the community by providing the necessary support to address all general child support concerns.

Child Support Wage Withholding

Wage Withholding image Information to begin or terminate child support wage withholding is at your fingertips.

How do I Obtain Copies?

Copies Copies can be purchased from our office via the Internet, mail, or fax. Click to find out more information on certified and uncertified copies.

How much does It Cost?

Fees To find out more about filing fees and service fees assessed by our office visit Costs and Fees.