January 26, 2022 [Z1B]
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  • My Password isn't working.
  • I’m getting error message – Error on page.
  • The document I’m trying to unzip is password protected, How do I open it?
  • The document I downloaded will not open.
  • Do I have to use a credit card to download a document off of www.hcdistrictclerk.com?
  • Is there anyway I can get my document faxed or mailed to me?
  • I cannot access the website through my username and password.
  • I am trying to preview the document before I order it, how do I do this?
  • I was told I need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view my documents. What is Adobe Acrobat Reader and how do I acquire this program?
  • I was told I need a ZIP compression/de-compression program to view my documents. What is a ZIP compression/de-compression program, and how do I acquire one of these programs?
  • I am using Internet Explorer and I am trying to preview a document and nothing is displayed. Is something wrong?
  • I purchased a document and received it in a .zip format. When I open the .zip file, I am prompted for a password. What password is it asking for?
  • Am I automatically logged out of the system after a period of inactivity?
  • I tried to navigate to a page in this website and was sent back to the home page. I was already logged in so why I am being asked to login again?
  • I tried to search for Family and Criminal documents but it came back with nothing, what is wrong?
  • Will my login account ever be inactivated?