June 14, 2024 [Z2A]
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Civil Courts

Civil Courts decide on matters and render judgments related to civil (non-criminal) actions. Some of the case types heard in civil courts include malpractice, damages,breach of contract, personal injury, and multi-district litigation.

Court Directory

For specific court information, please visit the Harris County District Courts.

Court Locations

Click here for the current location of the Civil District Courts, Family District Courts, Juvenile District Courts, IV-D Courts.

Filing and Service Fees

Click here for a listing of fees due at the time of filling a new civil suit and when a service is performed or requested, including Harris County Civil Process Service Fees.


Please visit our Billing page to make your online payment or for information or payment options.

Ancillary Clerk

Matters handles through Ancillary are:
Temporary restraining orders
Tuberculosis cases, Chapter 33
Attorney vacation requests (click here to access the Attorney Vacation Schedule Requests Form)

The Ancillary Clerk is located in the Civil Courthouse at 201 Caroline, Suite 210, within the Family Intake lobby.

The Ancillary Judge is on call 24/7, including holidays. For Ancillary matters after business hours, call the Harris County Operator at (713) 755-5000.

Umpire Appointment

To obtain an Umpire Appointment form, please click here.

Civil Post-Trial

Release of Surety and Cash Bonds (Supersedeas Bonds)
For surety bonds, visit 201 Caroline, Suite 250. For cash bonds, visit our Court Registry section at 201 Caroline, Suite 170.
Certificate of Civil Search
Visit our customer service section at 201 Caroline, Suite 250. There is a $6.00 fee for a Certificate of Civil Search.