March 24, 2023 [Z1B]
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I hereby certify, under penalty of Texas law [FN1], that I am licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and am in good standing with the State Bar of Texas. I understand that Attorneys are able to purchase certain uncertified Court documents at a reduced cost on-line on this website and are also able to access case information on this site that may otherwise incur a charge or subscription fee. Therefore, I further hereby certify and acknowledge my intent to obtain an economic benefit in holding myself out as an Attorney at this time.
[FN1] See Texas Penal Code Section 38.122


Please be advised that unless documents are sealed by a Court order or otherwise made confidential by law, ALL documents filed with the Harris County District Clerk’s Office are PUBLIC RECORD. Under the Texas Rules, and according to General Order No. 2004-11; In the Matter of Protecting Personal Privacy in Public Case Files; In the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas (“The Order”), THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR REDACTING OF PERSONAL IDENTIFIERS WHERE PERMITTED BY THE COURT AND PROPERLY FILING DOCUMENTS TO BE SEALED RESTS SOLELY WITH COUNSEL AND THE PARTIES. Therefore, the Harris County District Clerk’s Office STRONGLY urges Attorneys to be cognizant of the confidential or otherwise private information that is contained in documents filed in District and County Courts in Harris County and recommends that Attorneys and parties make the proper sealing motions and file the appropriate sealing orders to protect such information from being publicly available in person or online.

Counsel is strongly urged to share this notice with all clients so that an informed decision about the inclusion of certain materials may be made. The Harris County District Clerk’s Office will not review or redact filings. Counsel and parties should appreciate that the filing of an unsealed document in the criminal case file will make it available at the Harris County District Clerk’s Office and potentially by remote electronic access.

Your acknowledgement of this disclaimer is required to enable you to view documents on the Harris County District Clerk’s office website. Please select the option above to indicate that you have read, understand and acknowledge this disclaimer.

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Several County Criminal Courts at Law and District courts have reported intermittently slow system performance for Harris County District Clerk web site users. These slowdowns are causing longer than usual wait times for external users such as public users, law firms, and commercial vendors. We ask commercial customers who run data scraping scripts to help ease the system slowdown time by instead using our Public Datasets that provide a large quantity of information for download. If there are additional elements of data not currently within the datasets that you would like to see added, you may contact using the information in the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page.

Note: The Public Access to the Harris County District Clerk Court Electronic Records, its Help Desk, its Call Center and/or the Harris County District Clerk reserves the right to suspend/reduce service or restrict access to any account causing an unacceptable level of congestion or disrupting operations for the following:
-- Harris County District Clerk Court Electronic Records
-- the Court system The District Clerk supports
-- its Call Center
-- its Help Desk
-- Another Public user

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