August 12, 2022 [Z1A]
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The Criminal Courts consist of the District Courts which hear felony level cases and the County Criminal Courts at Law which hear misdemeanor level cases and cases appealed from the municipal courts. Documents may be filed directly with the assigned court or in Customer Service.

Customer Service

Customer Service provides assistance related to criminal and civil cases. This section is responsible for receiving and processing incoming customer requests including the purchasing of copies and reports, and filing documents in existing cases (causes).

Bond (Forfeitures, Cash Bond Refunds and General Information)

Bond Information includes information related to Forfeitures, Cash Bond Refunds, the Harris County Bail Bond Board and other general information related to bonds.


The Appellate Section processes all criminal cases (causes) in which a notice of appeal has been filed.

Writs of Habeas Corpus

An application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus is filed when a person seeks relief from unlawful detention or imprisonment.

Criminal Collections

Criminal Collections sets up payment plans for specific cases as ordered by the District Criminal Courts and the County Criminal Courts at Law. Criminal Collections works as an agent to ensure timely payment of court costs, fines, and fees.