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[WS4] Skip Navigation Links Houston, TX | February 17, 2020
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Civil Courthouse
201 Caroline
Houston, TX 77002
Map of Downtown

Mailing Address:

Harris County District Clerk
P.O. Box 4651
Houston, Texas 77210

Attorney Communications

Email Communications DCO Contacts
February 11, 2020 Email verification to access DCO online kiosk
February 09, 2020 District Clerks Office Kiosk for civil attorneys
January 17, 2020 End of the Year Report on Rejections Rate
December 20, 2019 Amended Christmas/New Year Holiday Docket Schedule
November 25, 2019 Electronic Delivery of Civil and Family Notices Has Arrived!
November 14, 2019 Rejection Rates Remain Low in October
October 07, 2019 September Rejection Rates
October 03, 2019 Attorney Focus Group Thursday Oct. 24, 2019
September 04, 2019 September 6th scheduled rollout-postponed
August 29, 2019 No $2 county eFiling Fee for Civil Effective September 1st
August 27, 2019 New Filing Procedures Effective September 6th
August 09, 2019 eFile Rejection Rates Continue to Drop
July 30, 2019 Attorney Verification Final Reminder
July 21, 2019 Attorney Verification Reminder
July 18, 2019 June eFiling Rejection Rates Drop to All Time Low!
July 14, 2019 Attorney Communications Page
July 07, 2019 E-Hearing Feature Now Available with Harris County District Clerk’s Office
July 02, 2019 Harris County District Clerk’s Office – Attorney Email Verification Update
June 14, 2019 Harris County District Clerk’s office announcement
March 23, 2019 Fee & eFiling Updates

Business Hours
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

After Hours Support

For assistance with Civil, please contact:
Civil, Family, Juvenile, IV-D Court Manager Angie Dozier
Office: 832-927-5735 Cell: 281-932-0845
Civil Support Manager Michelle Gaines
Office: 832-927-5741 Cell: 713-494-5049

Ancillary Civil Court Clerk Gabriela De La Rosa
Office: 832-927-5732

Ancillary Family Court Clerk Raven Hubbard
Office: 832-927-2130

For assistance with Criminal, please contact:
Criminal Courts Manager Christine Baldwin
Office: 832-927-5971 Cell: 832-347-2546
Criminal Services Manager Carnetta Washington
Office: 832-927-5941 Cell: 713-875-2944

Information Technology
Office: 832-927-5815

Search Our Records and Documents

Search Our Records and Documents Search our records and documents to view detailed case (cause) information including court, costs, location, documents, party information, and more.


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