Jury Service resumes in Harris County

Juror service has resumed at NRG Arena. If you have received a summons to appear, please click here to enter your HC Number or Texas Driver's License and your last name to complete the registration process and receive notices of when and where to appear.

For your convenience, click here to see a map that shows how you can go to NRG Arena.

Our office recommends that you wear socks, given the fact you will have to take off your shoes when you go through the security screening.

Map to NRG Arena

Alternatively, you can plan your trip to NRG Arena by using METRO’s trip planner.

If you have received a summons to a Justice of the Peace Court contact the court at http://jp.hctx.net/ for further instructions.

Juror Resources

Parking garage located at 1401 Congress Houston, TX 77002
Harris County Parking Garage

The local courts and Jury Assembly Room staff will never call you or email you and ask for Social Security numbers, credit card numbers or other sensitive information, nor will we call and demand payment over the phone of a fine for failure to appear, including the placing of any amount of money on a green dot card to pay any fine.

The Office of the Harris County District Clerk is dedicated to improving the jury service process and experience for all prospective jurors, and to promoting the value of jury service to our county court system and to our community. To that end, we have developed the following resources to help prospective jurors make the most of their jury service experience by learning more about the process and being prepared for a day of jury service.

Our jury service brochure provides an excellent overview of the essential information you need for a day of jury service. A Citizen's Guide to Jury Service in Harris County: What to expect from a day of Jury Service?
Click here to view/print brochure PDF.

Jury Service Education

Our Downloadable Resources are a collection of printable educational resources that can be used by:

Prospective Jurors: To help you make the most of your jury service experience by: providing you information about the value and importance of jury service to the Harris County Court System and the citizens of our county, and explaining what you can expect from a day of jury service.

Teachers: To help you teach students about the value and importance of their participation in jury service as a citizen of Harris County, and the value of the county court system to them as our county citizens.

Corporate Partners: To help you serve as advocates of the county court system by providing you with: resources to promote participation in jury service to your employees, and materials highlighting the value and importance of jury service to the court system and the citizens of Harris County.

Jury Service Education Resource Contents:

Jury Service Materials for the Classroom:

Jury Service Press Releases:

Jury Service Related News Articles: